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Let your body tell the story.

The evolution of the gut is the key to your story. Gain insights within yourself with EDENS monthly microbiome test. As we begin discovering the missing links that may improve your health and optimize your overall potential, EDEN will begin adding features creating a dashboard for the human body.

Know What to Eat

Our results & recommendations allow you to make informed decisions about which meals or supplements to consume to help you achieve and evolve a lifestyle beyond dieting.

Price Point

To get meaningful data and improve your health, regular microbiome testing over longer periods of time are needed. Our microbiome testing subscription is one of the most affordable in the world.

Home Privacy

Your mailed kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect and ship your sample from the privacy of your home to our lab. Receive results in your personal dashboard within our app.

Why your sh!t matters?


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Send your gut microbiome sample once a month in a pre-paid return envelope to our laboratory for analysis.

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Your results are delivered to you digitally, helping you to build a microbial profile and track your gut health.


Creating a dashboard for the human body.

We imagine a world where diseases will be a choice, rather than a stroke of luck. Because your gut microbes play a significant role in the health of your immune system, becoming the best version of yourself requires sharing our bodies' knowledge as a collective. At EDEN our mission is to utilize gut data and transform health by giving each and every person what may be important knowledge into understanding oneself.


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Building a storyline of your gut microbes responsible for your body’s immune system. Learn more about your inner-world with EDEN and your monthly subscription.


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